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Packages that use SelectablePanel

Uses of SelectablePanel in org.xmlhammer.gui

Subclasses of SelectablePanel in org.xmlhammer.gui
 class ProjectsView
          Collection of views (displayed as tabs).

Uses of SelectablePanel in org.xmlhammer.gui.output

Subclasses of SelectablePanel in org.xmlhammer.gui.output
 class OutputPanel
          Output Panel.

Uses of SelectablePanel in org.xmlhammer.gui.overview

Subclasses of SelectablePanel in org.xmlhammer.gui.overview
 class OverviewsPanel
          Input Panel.

Uses of SelectablePanel in org.xmlhammer.gui.util

Fields in org.xmlhammer.gui.util declared as SelectablePanel
(package private)  SelectablePanel SelectablePanelGroup.selection
          The current selection.

Fields in org.xmlhammer.gui.util with type parameters of type SelectablePanel
protected  java.util.ArrayList<SelectablePanel> SelectablePanelGroup.panels

Methods in org.xmlhammer.gui.util that return SelectablePanel
 SelectablePanel SelectablePanelGroup.getSelection()
          Returns the model of the selected button.

Methods in org.xmlhammer.gui.util that return types with arguments of type SelectablePanel
 java.util.Iterator<SelectablePanel> SelectablePanelGroup.getElements()
          Returns all the panels that are participating in this group.

Methods in org.xmlhammer.gui.util with parameters of type SelectablePanel
 void SelectablePanelGroup.add(SelectablePanel p)
          Adds the panel to the group.
 boolean SelectablePanelGroup.isSelected(SelectablePanel p)
          Returns whether a SelectablePanel is selected.
 void SelectablePanelGroup.remove(SelectablePanel p)
          Removes the panel from the group.
 void SelectablePanelGroup.setSelected(SelectablePanel p, boolean b)
          Sets the selected value for the SelectablePanel.

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