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Uses of Activatable in org.xmlhammer.model.jaxp

Subclasses of Activatable in org.xmlhammer.model.jaxp
 class Attribute
          Java class for attribute element declaration.
 class BooleanProperty
          Java class for booleanProperty complex type.
 class Catalog
          Java class for catalog element declaration.
 class Feature
          Java class for feature element declaration.
 class Mapping
          Java class for mapping element declaration.
 class Property
          Java class for property element declaration.
 class SchemaFactoryProperty
          Java class for schemaFactoryProperty element declaration.
 class StringProperty
          Java class for stringProperty complex type.

Methods in org.xmlhammer.model.jaxp that return Activatable
 Activatable ObjectFactory.createActivatable()
          Create an instance of Activatable

Uses of Activatable in org.xmlhammer.model.preferences

Subclasses of Activatable in org.xmlhammer.model.preferences
static class Preferences.Catalogs.Catalog
          Java class for anonymous complex type.
static class Preferences.Classpath.Jar
          Java class for anonymous complex type.

Uses of Activatable in org.xmlhammer.model.project

Subclasses of Activatable in org.xmlhammer.model.project
 class Parameter
          Java class for parameter element declaration.

Uses of Activatable in

Subclasses of Activatable in
 class OutputProperty
          Java class for outputProperty element declaration.

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