Uses of Interface

Packages that use StatusModel

Uses of StatusModel in org.xmlhammer

Methods in org.xmlhammer with parameters of type StatusModel
 void Module.execute(StatusModel status, ResultModel result, sourceURI)
          Execute the module.
 void XMLValidatorModule.execute(StatusModel status, ResultModel result, uri)
          Execute the XPath expressio.
 void Module.execute(StatusModel status, ResultModel result, sourceURI, resultURI)

Constructors in org.xmlhammer with parameters of type StatusModel
ModuleThread(org.apache.log4j.Logger logger, StatusModel status, ResultModel result, Input input, Module module)
          Constructs a module runner.

Uses of StatusModel in org.xmlhammer.gui.schemavalidator

Methods in org.xmlhammer.gui.schemavalidator with parameters of type StatusModel
 void SchemaValidatorModule.execute(StatusModel status, ResultModel result, uri)
          Execute the XPath expressio.

Uses of StatusModel in org.xmlhammer.gui.status

Subinterfaces of StatusModel in org.xmlhammer.gui.status
 interface ValidationStatusModel

Classes in org.xmlhammer.gui.status that implement StatusModel
 class StatusBar
 class ValidationStatusBar

Uses of StatusModel in org.xmlhammer.gui.stylesheetvalidator

Methods in org.xmlhammer.gui.stylesheetvalidator with parameters of type StatusModel
 void StylesheetValidatorModule.execute(StatusModel status, ResultModel result, uri)

Uses of StatusModel in org.xmlhammer.gui.xpath

Methods in org.xmlhammer.gui.xpath with parameters of type StatusModel
 void XPathSearchModule.execute(StatusModel status, ResultModel result, uri)
          Execute the XPath expression.

Uses of StatusModel in org.xmlhammer.gui.xslt

Methods in org.xmlhammer.gui.xslt with parameters of type StatusModel
 void XSLTModule.execute(StatusModel status, ResultModel result, sourceURI, resultURI)
          Execute the XPath expressio.

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